Ambassador Expert Advocate for Patient Health Care

• Health Insurance Medicare/Medicaid
• Public Services and Benefits
• Hospitalization Stay, Home Attendant Services, Care Provider etc.

As an Ambassador Expert Advocate for Healthcare, I act as a voice for patients in their quest for quality care. Often times, patients are not being given the quality of care they deserve in hospitals. There are many cases of patients being denied services when in critical conditions due to financial challenges or health insurance status. There are some healthcare facilities that have a fallacy that people who are not in critical condition do not warrant a hospital stay. In some facilities, patients are not allowed to raise their concerns in light of such cruelties.Therefore, there is visibly mistreatment, brassiness and negligence in the healthcare system and patients often lack the power to fight these individually.

As a healthcare advocate, my job is to ensure that you get quality healthcare since it is a fundamental human right.I have the mandate to compulsively encourage insurance companies to compensate patients and urge hospitals to provide utmost good care. I network with medical personnel who can assist in making choices on the best standard of care for you or your loved one. I coordinate between different healthcare service providers and make any transport arrangements to help patients access medical specialists either at home or abroad. I leverage my rich experience of over 20 years in the health care field to assist patients in cutting medical care costs by claiming several benefits that they are not often aware of. I know the frustrations of healthcare systems since I have taken care of a loved one and in my fragile state, taking care of all the paperwork and making some medical decisions was taxing. Don’t go through it alone when you can have an advocate by your side.

Ambassador Expert Advocate Educator on Education Services

• Special Education Services and Prevention and Intervention
• Special Education Hearings
• IEP – what people need to know and what they are not telling you
• Article 75 Proceeding
• Article 78 Proceeding
• 3020A / Union Matters
• Expert Witness

As an Educational Services provider and administrator, I have overseen many special education hearings and compliance reviews. As an advocate, I will make sure that schools inform you of any action plans they have for your child. At times students do not get access to some crucial services and have to undergo challenges when trying to find placement in a program or getting some paperwork and approvals. Some of these cases can stretch well over a year further frustrating your child’s ambitions and affecting their career path. As an expert, I come in as a knowledgeable voice in school meetings to ensure that your child gets access to the services they need. As observed in many instances, schools tend to take notice when parents seek the services of advocates and will quickly grant all the services you or your child want.

As an Educational Service Advocate, I also assist in labor dispute resolution-and union-based matters. I go over contracts with a fine-tooth comb looking for inaccuracies or statements that can be used to prove breaches of policies and procedures in labor negotiations. I understand that fighting for your career can be one of the most upsetting moments in your life. When you feel like you are alone, odds are stacked against you and no one gives you audience; call an advocate.

Ambassador for Legal Issues

• Childcare
• Child welfare
• Elderly care
• Expert witness

Being meticulous when going over facts and details, I have had the ability to advocate numerous legal battles. I have in several occasions sat in hearings and even have been appeared before courts. I have combed through many fiscal records and found inaccuracies used to attempt to deceive a legal party within proceedings. Often, these have been deciding factors in many court cases. When in despair over a legal issue, I will be there to hold your hand and help you win your case.

Ambassador for Advocate of Compliance

• Reimbursement
• Chart review
• Audits

There are several regulations that hospitals, clinics, private physician offices, medical reviewers, and other business or professionals have to be compliant with.

Whether you have a business or offer services as a private contractor,it is common to be worried about your compliance with the many statutory and federal laws. One way to put aside your worries is to conduct internal audits and correct all compliance issues before the government or stakeholders find them. However, you can never be too sure that you’ve ticked all items in the compliance checklist. With over 20 years of experience, I can assist you in meeting all compliance standards thus safeguarding your finances and reputation as a mindful business person. Therefore, when in doubt, get an advocate and put all your compliance worries to rest.

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