When a person’s health is absent, their mind is neither strong nor clear; wealth is suddenly useless, and time becomes an invaluable asset. My greatest passion is advocating for a healthy lifestyle. I am driven by a fervent desire to motivate, inspire, care for, and help anyone willing to restore his or her health. Despite having served in multiple areas of the health sector and educational system for nearly three decades as a Cardiologist Specialty Representative, Compliance Officer, Educator, Consultant in Compliance, and an Advocate for Change, I still yearn to do more.

Naturally, I’m a go-getter who strives for the best. I firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. That is why I’m enrolled at Harvard Medical School pursuing a graduate program in Informatics Medicine. Ultimately, my goal is to become a Doctor so I can offer a more multi-dimensional health service to all people.

What really spurred my desire to work in the healthcare industry are my life experiences. At a very young age, I, unfortunately, lost my baby brother to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) after having noticed something was not right. Several years later I found myself caring for my beloved son who had a brain tumor but is, fortunately, now seven years in remission. Every day is a gift that I treasure, and endeavor to do better as a person and as a service provider.

I currently work as a health risk assessment professional, a researcher, a public health consultant and a graduate professor in the School of Education at Brooklyn College. I understand that no single approach is the right one for every person; therefore, I incorporate a wide range of modalities when handling every new case. My personal and professional experiences have shaped who I am today.

My educational background includes Nursing, an MPH, MBA and a Professional Diploma in Education Administration. I am committed to education and leadership; having had the privilege of working as a mathematics teacher, assistant principal, principal and graduate professor. As a passionate advocate for educational matters and a strong believer in fairness and justice, I spent 10 years successfully defending the rights of people against discrimination, including myself, working in the New York City public school system. As both an experienced educator and healthcare provider, you can expect a comprehensive and quality service from me. If you need someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty, I’m definitely your person. As my grandmothers would always say when they needed anything, “call my granddaughter”.

Outside the office, I cherish the outdoors and a sweaty life and will probably “call upon” you to join me for a dance class or gym session. I also enjoy traveling and spending time at the beach. When I’m indoors, you’ll probably find me reading a book, cooking, or crochet and knitting. Since I left the NYC school system, my focus has been helping others achieve their best.