I cannot help but notice the number of speculations going around about the current pandemic. People are mostly seeking to find an answer as to why are so many people dying from COVID-19. Is this an extinction event, a perfectly orchestrated political propaganda, or just nature taking its course? Recently we have been mandated to stay in the house. Businesses have shut down, schools have closed but yet no reprieve, people are dropping dead by the minute. Hence, there are speculations about what the government might not be telling us.  Is it really COVID-19 or could it be something else? There have been conspiracy theories surrounding new technology 5G. Further, if we look at 1968, we had a similar situation where people started dropping dead then suddenly it stopped. In this blog, we are going to be going through these hard questions and most importantly highlight a few precautions you should take for your safety.


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc globally. It has caught many countries unprepared, with most struggling to make do with the available medical equipment to attend to their overwhelming numbers of patients in need of care. It has tested our healthcare systems and revealed that we have not adequately prepared for a mass pandemic. It has also brought out the selflessness of medical personnel who are at the battlefront of the pandemic. Similarly, we can appreciate the philanthropy shown by some of us, by donating face masks, ventilators, and personal protective gear to assist.

However, how did we even get here? There have been many speculations as to what or who caused the pandemic. What has been confirmed is that the virus broke out in Wuhan, China. There have been plausible theories that the virus transitioned from animals and started infecting humans. In Wuhan, there were dark markets where wild animals were sold and eaten. Thus, it could be that the virus infected patient zero at this location. But why would the virus change hosts so dramatically and quickly?

There have also been theories that the virus was engineered in a laboratory. Some researchers have noted that the DNA in the virus has some semblance to existing viral infections, suggesting that it might have been man-made. US and Chinese governments have been pointing blaming fingers at each other. China was claiming that the US brought the virus during the 2019 military games held in Wuhan while President Trump resulted to calling the disease the “Chinese virus.” But why would any country introduce the disease seeing the financial and human toll in all the affected countries?

Lastly, there are claims that the virus can be connected to the new 5G network. The theorization is mainly pointing to a possibility that the narrowly spaced 5G towers are emitting radiation that weakens the immune system leaving the body susceptible to infections like Coronavirus. Initially, there were maps generated showing that most victims were in areas densely covered by the new 5G towers. However, the myth has been debunked mainly due to the outbreak of the disease in countries like Iran that have no 5G coverage.

Predicting the future of COVID-19 is hard but there are lessons we can take from our history. Looking back at 1968, the H3N2 virus broke out in a similar fashion and caused a global pandemic. It is estimated that a million people died worldwide and the United States had 100,000 casualties. Most of those who succumbed were 65 years or older. However, the outbreak soon vanished and is only traced as a seasonal Influenza infection. Scientists tied this to antigenic drift whereby due to the rapid mutation, the virus’s antigens started to resemble the properties of existing viruses that the body could recognize and fight off. Could COVID-19 be headed the same route to becoming a less deadly infection? Maybe, but no one is sure.

COVID-19 currently has no cure or vaccine. Researchers are looking at starting the first batch of COVID-19 clinical trials in June. There have been statements about anti-malaria drugs being used in hospitals to help treat the illness. But as it stands, the majority of the cases are mild to moderate. A disease progression graph based on previous cases has shown that the tenth day of infection is most critical whereby, either the body starts recovering or becomes overwhelmed by the virus leading to the need for a ventilator. The best way to handle the virus is to take all the precautions not to get infected. People are being urged to stay at home, wash hands regularly, and avoid touching their eyes, mouth, and nose. In addition to these measures, you should ensure that your immune system is more than ready to fight the virus. Eating healthy, doing some exercise, and getting adequate rest can help keep your immunity ready for the virus.

Lastly, when one gets COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever, unproductive cough, tiredness, body aches, and congested nose, it is best to seek medical care. However, before you go to the hospital, call first. You may reach out to a telehealth physician should your doctor not be available. The following list of contacts will be handy in getting you through to a physician:


Entity Contacts
Health First Insurance 1-800-835-2362
Emblem Health 1-800-835-2362
Oxford Medicare 1-800-234-1228
Senior Care Free Meal Program 1-212-244-6469
Remote Learning Program – (If you are still without a learning device) Go to: https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices



Worrying statistics show that the black community has been disproportionately affected more than other Americans. Why is it that one race is unfairly falling victim to this disease? Experts postulate that the cause of this pattern where more blacks are getting ill with COVID-19 and dying is because of their discrimination in medical care and occupations that either require them to leave home or put them at risk of developing other health conditions that aggravate COVID-19 effects. Thus, structural racism is manifesting in this pandemic.

New York State has been hit the hardest.  We only have 400 ventilators with for 30, 000 patients that require the vital devices. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Today (April 9) in New York, we have 159,937 total COVID 19 cases and a total of 7,067 Deaths.  Today we recorded a total of 799 New Deaths.  We have a serious problem here in New York City.

People want answers. Once hospitals admit a patient, family members become lost, fearful of what’s next. Many, although home and sick, are scared to get treatment fearful that they will never return home to their love ones.  Many feel that the political propaganda of listening to themselves on television has no meaning to the people of the city, meanwhile people are dying by the second.

Is it COVID 19 the causal effect of why numerous people to perish in our disadvantaged communities?  Or is it lack of thereof? What’s not being revealed?  How long do we sit here and speak on social media about all of the people who suddenly passed since COVID-19 started? They were just laughing, dancing, cooking, and taking road trips then suddenly they enter into the hospital and just die. Where are the local politicians?  Shouldn’t they be on the frontline advocating for the people in the community who are seeking answers?   Look at the statistics and see for yourself that it’s more than COVID 19 that has killed a large percentage of the black community. Is it lack of supplies, inadequate management?

Should we wait until it’s our turn to ask what’s going on?  Look at the numbers yourself.   I hope when its time to vote that all of you remember this pandemic.  Stop watching the special report at 11 am until your Governor gives the break down of the data.  How many African Americans have passed away out of the 5,489 total deaths in NYC thus far? We don’t have time to listen to people telling us how they want to get on their motorcycle when this is over when many don’t even have a bicycle to ride on. When many are in disbelief that they have lost loved ones suddenly and can’t have a decent burial.  Whatever happened to Dignity and Respect?

We don’t have time to listen to how Herbal Medicine and Saunas was the remedy to fight COVID 19 when many lack healthcare, food and hot water. And let’s not forget about the disproportionate black children who were sent home for homeschooling without adequate supplies, no computers, no Internet, during this pandemic crisis. How many children have dropped out of school from this pandemic?  Where are the donations for educational supplies?  We need computers in every household to ensure seamless learning.  So when you listen to someone say, WE just looked at the data.

I have been delinquently trying to help those in need in the community. I will call the elderly to make sure that they are ok and to provide any assistance they need during this time. I have been distributing gloves and masks to those without, making homemade herbal tea to help build the immune system and homemade bone broth chicken soup.  In addition, I have been a liaison for those whose loved ones are in the hospital navigating and gaining access to the physicians on duty to communicate the health status of patients with family members.

Be selfless, stay safe, and stay strong. We shall overcome this but we shall never forget.



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