Foster care has remained a controversial topic which has been shadowed by underhand tactics that defy law to the detriment of innocent children. There are many cases that show just how far the same people tasked with ensuring the smooth operations of the foster care system are undermining standard legal processes to achieve their own goals. I once tried to adopt a young child from a foster care home but to my surprise, the social workers made the process complex and were unprofessional. My calls went unanswered for weeks until one day they picked and told me the child had already been placed in a home. This encounter caused me to actively start researching about cases involving people that have had a poor experience with the foster care system. To my utter disbelief, there are so many people that have gone much worse with the foster care system.

Attached is a recent case of a woman who is trying to win back legal guardianship of a child that the foster care system has ignorantly put in harms way. According to her report to the Department of Children and Services, the child in question was given to her at eight months since her mother was an addict and exposed the child to alcohol and cocaine. She came to learn that, at such a young age, the toddler had been moved 5 times and she would be the sixth person assigned the responsibility of taking care of the child. The woman was to provide a pre-adoptive home for the child because no family or relative was willing to take care of her. However, 2 years afterwards, the Division of Child Protection and permanency’s (the Division) decided to put the child and woman into unexplained anguish by forcibly taking the child to her grandmother. The grandmother was already taking care of two other children and had declared that she was unable to take care of another child.

It beats all reasoning why the Mercer North office then sent its representatives to take away the child from the place she had learned to call home for 2 years, and instead give her to her grandmother who had all along insisted that she had no capacity to take care of the child. The grandmother is currently 70 years old and has to work full time to take care of the other two children aged 9 and 15. The 15 year old has already developed behavioral issues due to his exposure to childhood traumatic experiences. Therefore, the 2 year old child will probably have to share a home with a boy that has mental instabilities. The Mercer North office is culpable but to hide its tracks, it has misrepresented facts in court by hiding some facts about the grandmother such as her inability to take care of the child. The Division has tried to play mind games with the woman from who the child was taken, claiming to be powerless bystanders in a legal process. However, it is apparent they know what they are doing is unethical and unprofessional.


Download the case file using this link: SJ Custody Battle


This is just one of the many cases in the Foster care system where innocent children have their fates doomed by incompetent people. The system needs to be revisited and all incompetent and culpable employees ruining the lives of innocent children while devastating potential adoptive parents have to be brought before law. To achieve this goal, we need to expose the foster care system for its incompetence. Therefore, if you have any incident regarding the foster care system, please reach out to me with details about it. I will devote my resources to fight for the innocent children whose lives are being ruined by the dysfunctional foster care system.

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